Friday, April 2, 2010


The World's FIRST and ONLY Supermarket with Network Marketing Concept.
Would you like to own a full fledged global supermarket chain? Yes its now possible for the common man to own a supermarket chain. At Just $65, you can now earn from the sales of Banner Store. All you have to do is refer and persuade your friends and family from purchasing their daily household items from this store and you'll earn anwhere between 2-4% from their total purchase.
Its that simple, whenever they shop from YOUR supermarket, you are going to get 2-4% from their purchases for the rest of their life. Once you purchase the franchise, its a lifetime deal, so your children shall also benefit from the purchase of your friends children.
The best part is that, since you're the owner of the supermarket, your friends shall receive cash back once they cross a certain amount of purchase. You're the owner of the supermarket, and its only fair if you give your loved ones a certain amount of discount or bonus. Here at Banner Store, we care for all your needs.
Now you might think, well if my supermarket keeps giving me and all other owners bonus how is it going to earn? The answer is simple, we DON'T have ANY ADVERTISING COST. So the advertising cost is shared between various owners. It's a more cost effective way rather than using rough advertisement techniques. After all word of mouth is the most effective form of adveritising.
We are already having Banner Stores in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan. With few other Major Global Cities targeted to launch Banner Store, you can be an owner of a very large range of supermarkets globally.
For eg. You are in Sydney, but your family is in Kuala Lumpur and you have many friends in Singapore. You can still make money by purchasing the Banner Store License, and recommend your friends and family to shop in their respective Banner Store. You shall receive your comission, even though they are half way across the globe.
Again, once you have purchased your own store, and start making passive income. You might want to tell your friends or families about it, about how they can earn so much by doing so little. And The best part is that, once your friends or families purchase the Banner Store Licence from you, you earn anywhere between 20-40% of their Licence Fee Charges, and again 2-4% from their network.
Well huge amount of numbers can be confusing, its best if you contact your upline for more details on how you can make thousands of dollars a month just by telling a few close friends and families about a supermarket.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you guys that, The Licence Fee ($65) can be exchanged for Tiens Products worth $55. In other words, you get amazing products and you get a supermarket franchise at just $65.
Take a look at some of our Banner Store Pictures from Various locations.

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